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Planning Fee Schedule

Planning Application Submittal Requirements

Submittal Requirements for Development Applications

Description and Explanation of Processing Planning Applications

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Tree Permit


Tree Ordinance

General Plan


General Plan Technical Background Report

2013-2021 Updated Housing Element

The planning department provides information on land use, zoning and site development standards and processes applications for land use permits and land divisions. The planning department also performs long range planning activities, including development and administration of the Town’s General Plan. In addition, the Planning Department handles zoning code enforcement actions. PLANNER’S COUNTER HOURS ARE MONDAY through FRIDAY 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Please be aware that removing or grading around many trees is regulated in Loomis. Please see tree regulations under the Planning Department documents.

Any grading over 50 cubic yards or within a riparian area or clearing over 1 acre requires a grading permit in the Town of Loomis. More specific information can be found under the Municipal Code, Section 12.04.