Town Manager

Town Manager Department

Town Manager
Sean Rabe’

  • As the Town’s chief executive officer, the Town Manager provides administrative direction to Town departments consistent with Town Council policies.
  • The Town Manager provides support to members of the Town Council and Planning Commission to enable them to concentrate on policy matters. The Town Manager serves as Town’s primary representative to other government agencies and private organizations.
  • The Town Manager implements the policy direction of the Town Council and provides professional expertise in the management of a municipal corporation. The Town Manager develops, advises, and makes recommendations to the Town Council on policies, programs, and various Town business matters. The Town Manager also oversees the general management of the Town and coordinates the activities of Town departments in providing direct services to the community.

Meet The Town Manager:

Sean Rabe’, began as the Loomis Town Manager on July 5, 2017, and was formerly the City Manager of the Town of Colma, California.