Loomis Building Design Criteria


2022 California Building Standards Code (California Code of Regulations, Title 24):

  • California Building Code (CBC), Part 2, Volumes 1 and 2
  • California Residential Code (CRC), Part 2.5, including:
    • Appendices H, K & Q
  • California Electrical Code of the California Code (CEC), Part 3
  • California Mechanical Code (CMC), Part 4
    • Appendices F & G
  • California Plumbing Code (CPC), Part 5
    • Appendices A, B, C, D, I, J, K
  • California Energy Code (CEC), Part 6.
  • California Historical Building Code (CHBC). Part 8.
  • California Fire Code (CFC), Part 9
  • California Existing Building Code (CEBC), Part 10.
  • California Green Building Standards Code (CGBSC), Part 11.
  • California Reference Standards Code
  • Town of Loomis Reconstruction Limits
  • 2021 International Property Maintenance Code


Ground Snow Load - Zero


CBC Basic Wind Speeds: 88 mph for Risk Category I; 95 mph for Risk Category II; 101 mph for Risk Category III; and 105 mph for Risk Category IV. CRC ultimate wind speed = 110 mph Exposure Category – C, unless site complies with exposure B


1 ½” per hour (100-year, 1-Hour Rainfall)


Unless otherwise justified by analysis, all buildings and non-building structures within the Town limits are assigned to Seismic Design Category (SDC) D, except as follows:

  1. SDC C is allowed for residential buildings permitted and constructed under the CRC.
  2. SDC C is allowed for low-rise, wood-framed buildings permitted and constructed in accordance with the prescriptive (non-engineered) Conventional Light-Framed Construction provisions of CBC 2308.

Soil Site Class D shall be assumed for all sites per CBC 1613.2.2 unless otherwise justified by a registered design professional and/or geotechnical report.


Allowable Foundation - 1500 psf without a Soils Report

Allowable Lateral – 100 psf/ft without a Soils Report


Zone 11


2016 CPC Chapter 4, Table 422.1, Table A, Table 4-2, Table 4-3 & Table 4-4.

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