Demo Permits


The information below applies to the following demolition permits:

  • Residential Structures
  • Swimming Pools and Spas

Submittal Requirements

Located below are forms required at time of submission.  Additional documents not found on the Town of Loomis website may be requested of the applicant after submittal.

  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Declaration of Installation of Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  3. A Complete Site Plan
  4. Additional documents required for demotion of residential structures:

Informative Documents

How to Submit

Digital Submission

All new Single Family Homes, Accessory Dwelling Units, Structures, and Additions over 1,000 SF are required to be submitted digitally to the Town of Loomis.  Projects can be submitted digitally one of two ways below:

  1. Via email to and
  2. Via DropBox, WeTransfer, or OneDrive by emailing an access link to and

Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and corrections will be asked of the applicant before intake of any documents or the start of review. All documents must have clear and crisp print, be free from stains and smudges, and be legible.  Images and photo attachments will not be accepted.  It is the applicant's responsibility to have all items required.

Plan Check Deposit

Once a project has been accepted, you will receive a follow up email on how to submit a plan check deposit.  This deposit will be applied towards the total plan check fees acquired during the review process.

Correction Comments

If a project has correction comments after a review, a Plan Correction Letter will be sent via email to the applicant.  It is important to closely follow resubmittal instructions outlined in this email.  Any missing documents or unaddressed correction comments can delay the subsequent review, extending the timeline for the permit to be issued.  Do not resubmit until all documents have been prepared and are ready to submit all at once.  The Town will not accept partial or fragmentary resubmittals.

Notice to Contractors

All contractors performing work within the Town of Loomis must have a Town of Loomis business license.  Please visit the Planning Department's business license page to learn how to obtain a Loomis business license and submit applicable fees.  Building permits will not be able to be processed if a contractor does not have a Town of Loomis business license, or if the contractor's license is not in good standing with CSLB.

Authorization Letter

If the applicant is not the contractor or property owner, a signed letter authorizing the individual to apply on the contractor or property owner's behalf is required to obtain a building permit or business license.

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