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Carol Parker
Deputy Town Clerk

Loomis Town Council Members

Jeff Duncan Councilmember Email
Jenny Knisley Mayor Email
Jan Clark-Crets Councilmember Email
Brian Baker Councilmember Email
Danny Cartwright Mayor Pro Tempore Email

The Town of Loomis operates under the Council– Manager form of municipal government. The Town Council is comprised of five elected members representing the Town of Loomis. Councilmembers serve a four year term and must reside in the Loomis Town limits they represent.  The Councilmember receiving the highest number of votes in the latest election is seated as Mayor Pro Tempore the first year and the second year becomes the Mayor (for a year) and the Councilmember receiving the second highest number of votes than becomes the Mayor Pro Tempore.  As the policy makers, the Town Council passes resolutions and ordinances, establishes administrative policy for the Town, approves the budget, appoints citizens to advisory boards and hires the Town Manager who serves at the pleasure of the Council.  The Town Manager is responsible for administering the affairs of the Town and sees that the laws and ordinances are enforced.

Council Meetings: Loomis residents are encouraged to attend Town Council meetings. Your Town Council welcomes you.  The Town Council meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Train Depot at 5775 Horseshoe Bar Road, Loomis, CA  95650.  In addition to regular meetings, the Town Council can meet on an as-needed basis as follows:

  • Special meetings:  Meetings outside the normal schedule.
  • Study sessions:  Study session meetings are used to provide information to the Town Council and answer their questions to clarify issues.  Study Sessions provide a setting for informal discussions between staff, consultants, board, commission, committee members and the Town Council regarding specific programs, projects or policies.  Council does not take formal action on the items.  These meetings are open to the public, which may provide public comment to the Council on the study session topic.
  • Closed sessions:  Meetings to address personnel, real estate or litigation matters.  For reasons of confidentiality, these sessions are closed to the general public, however, members of the public may speak on the closed item(s) and any re-portable action(s) that are reported after closed session.

The Town of Loomis posts all regular, special and study session meeting agendas in accordance with the Brown Act.  Notices are posted at Town Hall, Loomis Library, Loomis Train Depot and the Town website.  Citizens can subscribe on our home page to receive agendas and any public notices.

Council Committee Appointments

Placer County Economic Development Board Knisley/Clark-Crets as alternate
Placer County Flood Control/Water Conservation District Cartwright/Baker as alternate
Placer County Transportation Planning Agency Baker/Clark-Crets as alternate
PCTPA Funding Strategy Update Steering Committee Baker/Clark-Crets as alternate
Placer County Mosquito Abatement Russ Kelley as citizen rep
Placer County Air Pollution Control District Duncan /Cartwright
Sacramento Area Council of Governments Clark-Crets/Knisley as alternate
Borders Committee Knisley/Cartwright
Business Committee Knisley/Clark-Crets as alternate
Schools Liaison Baker/Cartwright
SPMUD Ad Hoc Committee Cartwright and Clark-Crets
Library Representative Knisley/Clark-Crets as alternate
Pioneer Board Duncan/Clark-Crets as alternate
Law Enforcement Liaison Duncan
Greater Sacramento Economic Council Clark-Crets
Countywide Homelessness Task Force Knisley/Cartwright

Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)                        Knisley

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