Conditional Use Permit Application Packet 2023

A Conditional Use Permit is required when a proposed land use is listed as “conditionally permitted” by the Zoning Ordinance or a new building, greater than 500 sq. ft. addition, lapse in use without required parking for over one year, revision to a building’s recent use requiring additional parking, or is proposed to be placed on a commercial or industrial site. Generally, use permits are required for uses that, due to some special characteristic or activity, would not be appropriate without specific conditions being applied. The Conditional Use Permit allows the Town to evaluate the impacts of a proposed use on the surrounding neighborhood or the Town and to impose appropriate conditions or site improvements to eliminate or minimize said impacts. Where adverse impacts cannot be minimized to acceptable levels, the Town may deny the Conditional Use Permit. A Conditional Use Permit requires approval by either the Planning Department staff or the Planning Commission.

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