General Plan Amendment/ Map Text Planning Application Packet

Planning Permit Packets

April 18, 2022
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The General Plan is a document and map which establishes goals, objectives, and policies to guide the physical development of the Town. All development within the Town must be consistent with the General Plan. State law limits the number of times the Town may amend the General Plan, so General Plan Amendments (GPA) are not processed at regular intervals. When a GPA is processed, a public hearing by the Planning Commission is required. The Planning Commission forwards a recommendation to the Town Council. The Town Council also holds a public hearing, and then decides whether to approve or deny the Amendment.
In order to approve a GPA, the Town Council must determine that the amendment is in the public interest. Issues such as land use compatibility, traffic, and other environment considerations are balanced with the benefits to the town in determining if the Amendment is in the public interest. The Town does not generally encourage General Plan Amendments other than through the General Plan Update process.

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