Zoning Text Amendment Planning Application Packet

Planning Permit Packets

April 18, 2022
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The Zoning Ordinance establishes detailed regulations for the physical development in the Town. The Town has been divided into various land use districts (such as residential, industrial and commercial), each with specific regulations. The Zoning Ordinance specifies the land use regulations such as permitted and conditionally permitted land uses, allowable density, maximum height, and building setbacks within each district.
A Zoning Ordinance amendment involves a revision the Town’s written zoning standards, and requires a public hearing by the Planning Commission. Any zoning text revision must be consistent with the elements of the General Plan, and all of its written goals and policies. A Zoning Map Amendment is a change in the land use designation on the Zoning Map for a specific parcel(s). The Planning Commission holds a public hearing reviewing the amendment. If approved, the Planning Commission forwards a recommendation of approval to the Town Council. The Town Council also holds a public hearing, and then decides whether to approve or deny the amendment.

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