Food Scraps Program

In 2016, California passed State Bill 1383, which mandated that 75% of organic material be removed from the landfills by 2025. This means that food waste must be diverted to somewhere other than the landfill. Del Oro students noticed that the bill's 2025 deadline was rapidly approaching, so they wanted to do something about it. Since Fall of 2019, students from the Environmental Club at Del Oro High School have been working with the Town of Loomis to create a pilot program that will help Loomis comply with the bill. Besides helping the environment, this will help save Loomis from fines and fees in the future!

Note that because this is just a VOLUNTARY pilot program, it will only be offered to a maximum of 200 homes in the area around Sunrise Park in Loomis. Del Oro students will be going door-to-door on Friday, September 18th and Sunday, September 20th to hand out the bins.

For questions, please contact Administrative Clerk Sarah Day at (916) 652-1840.

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