Can I run a business out of my home?

The Town of Loomis provides standards that are intended to allow for reasonable opportunities for employment within the home, while avoiding changes to the residential character of a dwelling that accommodates a home occupation, or the surrounding neighborhood.

Examples of allowed Home Occupations:

-Art and craft work (ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.)

-Taylors, sewing, etc.

-Office-only uses, including an office for an architect, attorney, consultant, counselor, insurance agent, tutor, writer, etc,


Uses Prohibited as Home Occupations:

-Adult entertainment activities/ businesses

-Animal hospitals and boarding facilities

-Automotive and other vehicle repair and service (body or mechanical), painting, storage, or upholstery, or the repair, reconditioning, servicing, or manufacture of any internal combustion or diesel, or of any motor vehicle, including automobiles boats, motorcycles, or trucks

-Commercial cabinet or furniture making, and similar uses

-Contractor’s storage yards

-Dismantling, junk or scrap yards

-Exercise studios (not including one-on-one personal trainers)

-Medical clinics, laboratories, or doctor’s offices

-Personal services as defined in Division 6, but not including licensed massage therapists and physical therapists

-On-site sales (mail order businesses may be allowed where there is no stock-in-trade on the site)

-Uses which require explosive or highly combustible or toxic materials

-Welding and machine shop operations

-Other uses the director determines to be similar to those listed above

For information on in-home business, please refer to our Business License page. Please review the information located on the In-Home Business Application. You may also contact Planning Assistant Sarah Jennings with any questions.

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