How do I find information on the California Housing Finance Agency Grant Program?

CalHFA Local Government Partner:
The California Housing Finance Agency is excited to announce our Accessory Dwelling Unit Grant Program and we are looking to our local government partners to help us reach qualifying homeowners.
Eligible homeowners could receive up to $40,000 to fund ADU predevelopment and closing costs (including interest rate buydowns).
Homeowners earning less than CalHFA’s income limits (available here*) are eligible for the grant. In County, households earning less than would qualify.
Full program details are available here.
We would appreciate your assistance to help us get the word out about this important program. Please forward this information to other local staff or partner organizations that can help us to reach qualifying homeowners interested in building an ADU. If you would like to receive a social media toolkit, please contact Eric Johnson (
Finally, do you have an ADU financing or funding program? We’d love to partner – please contact Sharyl Silva (
*Please note that CalHFA updates the income limits annually. The next update is anticipated in June 2022
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