Why are there zoning restrictions?

Ownership comes with requirements and responsibilities. The rules that are in place were created out of previous issues, and are measures to ensure those matters do not reoccur. Sections of the Town are designated for specific uses. This is designed to avoid conflict. For example, an auto repair shop or fast food place should not be built in a residential neighborhood. Planning will address issues and works with people to make sure those guidelines are followed. This includes animal keeping, where things are placed on a property (setbacks), use of property (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), lot coverage (e.g. amount and type of structures on a property), businesses (Business Licenses are required to operate a business and some areas have limitations), property standards (e.g. building and fence heights, impacts on the community, etc.), and other less common concerns or issues. The planning of a community and its standards are scripted in the ordinances and General Plan.

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