Rural Main Street Technical Assistance Program

In conjunction with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, Michele Reeves from Civilis Consultants, and Town Staff conducted three workshops (September 30, October 1, and October 7) that were fun and thought provoking to quantify our Town’s story today.  The information gained from these three workshops helped to build a narrative of what we want our Town story to be in the future.  This story will help define the values that will guide our general plan update.

The community weighed in on Loomis' Civic Identity regarding:

  • How a community can preserve the idea of "small town feel"
  • Creating a resilient downtown
  • Building on Loomis' past and current connection to agriculture
  • Not becoming Roseville!

On December 7, 2020 Michele Reeves provided the following Powerpoint presentation:

Michele Reeves Presentation 12-07-2020

Loomis Findings and Recs

The results of all three workshops, in addition to survey responses, will be presented to the Town Council in December 2020.

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