FAQ Topic: Public Works

How many yards can I grade without obtaining a grading permit?

Any grading over 50 cubic yards or within a riparian area or clearing over 1 acre requires a grading permit in the Town of Loomis. More specific information can be found under the Loomis Municipal Code, Section 12.04. Please refer to the Engineer Forms for grading permits.

How do I report a fallen tree?

If a tree has fallen down across a public street please call 911. If a tree has fallen along the road in the public right of way but isn’t blocking the road call 916-430-4329 or 916-652-1840.

Who is responsible for maintaining trees in a residential zone?

There are hundreds of properties throughout the town with trees and other vegetation encroaching into streets and sidewalks with limbs that block signs and signal lights. These tree limbs are hazards and can force vehicles into other lanes, force pedestrians and cyclists into the streets, and can cover important signage. If an accident occurs due … Continued

How can I prepare my property for a storm?

Preparing for a Storm Secure patio furniture, garbage cans and other loose items that might blow over. Clear your yard of debris. Pick up loose leaves to reduce risk of street flooding. Check your roof and rain gutters and clear debris. Inspect and clean drains around your home and its foundation.

What can I do to prevent drainage issues on my property?

During rain events it only takes a small amount of leaves, lawn clippings, and other vegetation to block drain inlets and culverts, and when the drain inlets and culverts become blocked, they can create hazards for vehicles and pedestrians, and cause damage to homes and properties. Residents can help by: -Raking leaves on your property. … Continued

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