Commercial Building Applications


How to Submit a Building Permit Application

All commercial projects are to be submitted digitally via email.  Hard copy submittals will not be accepted for commercial projects.  Incomplete applications will also not be accepted, and corrections will be asked of the applicant before intake of any documents or before the review begins.  Learn more about specific permits, their requirements, and options for submittal by using the navigation menu on the left.

Project Reviews

When developing a project, time is of the essence to the applicant.  We are committed to reviewing your project as quickly as possible.  Initial reviews may take 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.  Be reminded, the more accurate, thorough, and complete your responses and resubmittal package are, the more likely you are to obtain approval in a timely manner.


Project reviews conducted by the Town will be completed by the building inspector, Michael Pinola.  Initial reviews can be expected to take 1-2 weeks.  Inter-department reviews, when applicable, will be fulfilled by the Engineer and/or Planning department.  Depending on the process, projects may take more or less time to review.

Third Party Reviewer

Most commercial projects will be evaluated by Bureau Veritas in Sacramento.  Initial reviews can be expected to take approximately 3-4 weeks.  Inter-department reviews at Town Hall conducted by the Engineer and/or Planning department may also be required.  Depending on the process, projects may take more or less time to review.

Review Results

Results of each review will be sent via email to the applicant on the building permit application.  To check the status of a review or current project, please email Jordan Tibbits at

Notice to Contractors

All contractors performing work within the Town of Loomis must have a Town of Loomis business license.  Please visit the Planning Department's page to learn how to obtain a Loomis business license and submit applicable fees.  Building permits will not be able to be processed if a contractor does not have a Town of Loomis business license.

Authorization Letter

Please bring letter authorizing employee to sign on your behalf to obtain a building permit or business license.

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