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Town Clerk


Crickett Strock
Town Clerk

Town Clerk

The clerk’s department serves as support for Council, staff and public.

Responsibilities and services provided by the Clerk’s office

  • Preparation and distribution of Town Council legislative agendas and minutes
  • Posting and publication of legal notices and documents
  • Assists in the processing/follow-up of all items approved by the Town Council, through coordination with various agencies, departments and timelines
  • Records, preserves, researches, and provides for public access to historical records
  • Maintains the codification and maintenance of the Town’s Municipal Code
  • Acts as filing officer for Conflict of Interest Statements filed by the Town elected and appointed officials and
    candidate and officeholder campaign filings
  • Receives claims, summons, appeals and suits related to Town government
  • Administration of local elections
  • Administer Oath of Office
  • Maintains compliance of the Brown Act through scheduling and notification of meetings
  • Custodian of the Town Seal and attests and certifies ordinances, resolutions, agreements and deeds
  • Provides information and services to support the Town Council, staff and public
  • Processes applications for boards, commissions and volunteers
  • Processing of Special Event/Banner Permits and rental of public building permits

Section 87505

Section 87505 Section 87505

Posted on January 20, 2021
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