Resurfacing Work Complete

Posted on October 27, 2023

Resurfacing Work Complete!

Hats off to the community for their patience and understanding as the last of the streets scheduled for slurry seal resurfacing were completed today.

The seal coat placed will now work to preserve and extend the life of the underlying pavement for years to come by protecting the roadway from the effects of oxidation, water penetration, and traffic wear and tear.  Seal coating is a cost-effective preventative maintenance treatment that agencies use mid-way through a pavement’s life, to prevent accelerated pavement deterioration that would otherwise lead to potholes and the need for more costly rehabilitation.

During the initial breakdown and curing of the slurry seal, the following bullet points highlight some things that are normal, which you can expect.

  • As a blended mixture of sand, oil, and water, the slurry seal will have voids when it dries, where the water used to be. Traffic will compact these voids causing the surface to become smoother.  As part of this, the top layer of sand will also break free.
  • Streets that don’t have as much traffic may take longer for this initial compaction to occur, which means they may experience the sand breaking free over a longer period of time.
  • The contractor is required to provide street sweeping, at periodic intervals, for up to a month after the slurry seal is placed, to pick up the loose sand.
  • Adjacent streets may start out with different colors due to the amount of moisture in the slurry seal. Different streets were done on different days.  And rainfall has rehydrated some of the streets making the roads appear to have different shades.  None of this impacts the quality of the work, and in time, they will all dry to be the same color.
  • Replacement striping typically occurs about two-weeks after the slurry seal is placed, to ensure that the streets are dry enough, so that they don’t negatively impact the ability to apply hot thermoplastic paint.

Thank you again for tolerating the project’s temporary inconveniences, as the long-term benefits of the slurry seal will now greatly enhance the quality and lifespan of the Town streets.  If you have any specific questions or concerns related to the project, please do not hesitate to contact our Town Engineer at (916) 824-1518 or

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